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Dashboard Navigation Chart

Walther Schubert shared this problem 15 months ago
Not a Problem

I created a new dashboard making use also of a navigation chart.

I thought it provides a preview of the elevation profile to be expected for the next few kilometres.

But I noticed that the elevation line is nearly even.

Obviously, just a segment of the whole route is taken and just stretched to display width without scaling the elevation line to the cell height.

So it is rather useless.

I thought I could mimic to a certain extent the ClimbPro feature of Garmin Edge bike navis.

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the graph is displayed at the scale of the total elevation to avoid distortion and loss of context. However, it is obvious that some differences are then hard to read.
If, however, each segment was scaled to its own scale, this would again lead to inaccurate display and erasure of differences between segments.

I think there is hard to tell which solution is better, so if you think that there are more users interested in this, you can Add IDEA and collect some votes.

Our developers often take ideas into consideration.

Zdenek, Locus team

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