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Locus Pro/Classic and Ticwatch Pro 3 Heart Rate

Thomas Schäfer shared this question 14 months ago

Good evening,

I'm using Locus Pro Classic (now 3.65.2) for years and i'm very satisfied with it.
With my new smartwatch, a Ticwatch Pro 3, i've got a configuration problem.
Wear_OS 2.59.0

I've installed the Locus Map Watch Ver.1.5.3 with the PlayStore on the Smartphone (Huawei P20 Pro with Android EMUI 12.0.0).

(Same by installing the Locus Map Watch 1.5.3 with the PlayStore on the watch.

First trying to record the heart rate by selecting the smartphone app setting "Herzfrequenz bei Tracka...aufzeichnen". The track recording works fine. but the heart rate always is "0"

Then in the Locus app on the smartphone there is a possibility to select a heartrate-sensor BT4.0 in the BluetoothManager. (But i think, that isn't the right way to reach the Sensor of the Ticwatch.)
The track recording works fine. but the heart rate always is "0"

So I'm clueless in this case.
How do I start the heartbeat recording?

And how does Locus show this recording? (Only as an average and max level in the track statistics or in some sort of diagram?)

Please give me some assistance.

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This seems to be a LocusMap or Google error.
There is a workaround, though it's not foolproof.
When you start the LocusMap smartwatch app and start recording for the first time.
you will see the heart rate monitor screen as shown in the screenshot.
At this time, hold the screen until the heart rate is displayed from 0, and when the heart rate is displayed, it will be synchronized with the Locus Map smartphone app.



maybe silly question, but do you have HR enabled in the Locus Watch?

In the settings, there is a switch (one and only) to enable the recording of HR.

Zdenek, Locus team


Hello Zdeněk,

I turned it on several times without a reaction.

Now, it works :-)

Sometimes one feels mad...

BTW Does this function need much akku (Watch/Smartphone)?



I am glad it works.

Locus is in general built and optimized for high battery performance, so it should use battery only in the necessary way. If you are asking about the HR sensor, this is managed by the system, but it is usually optimized for performance too.

Have a nice day.

Zdenek, Locus team

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