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What is the proposed workflow to work with locus on two devices on android?

vsespb shared this question 14 months ago

I want to buy a secondary phone for navigation and use my primary phone as backup.

New phone will be water resist/shock protected and old phone will be used if first dies.

When riding a trip, same route will be loaded to two phones as same time. I'll use primary phone and switch to secondary in case first phone fail. Probably will record track on one of them.

Question is: what is the workflow in terms of android accounts, locus licenses and sync settings?

Should I use one android account on both phones? Does it mean I pay once for license? Will sync work this way?

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I do something simialr, 2 phones, tablet as master, and locus on laptop in emulator.

i would do backup, setup phone with same google account for playstore etc

install locus, restore from backup, so you have same settings,redownload what maps you can , copy otehrs that are download once.

setup sync, i usually create a test point to make sure its going across

setup backup etc.

license is for the same google account, so you can use on multiple devices

if you want to share location with different person, thats different.

main thing is choose 1 device for automatic live location sharing if you want, i have it setup, but only one phone is automatic on startup.

if phone dies and its in mid track recording, you will lose track, so if tracks are important, you could create track legs, and upload frequently...



- use the same Locus account on both phones

- restore a full Locus backup from the first phone in Locus on the second phone - this way you get settings, presets, dashboards etc. to the second Locus (more at

- the phones are synced only after a change on one of them is finished, i.e. a track recording is stopped and saved. Not during the track recording. For sync, you need Premium Gold. The first sync must be done manually so that the database is created in the cloud, more at

- "Should I use one android account on both phones?" - no, just one Locus account

- "Does it mean I pay once for license?" - yes

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