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Weather action task not working since 4.15

Alistair Parsons shared this question 13 months ago

Ive got the new 4.15 but my action tasks isnt working using Tasker to send the intent to show weather.

I dont suppose you could add weather as a sample on the github page


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Hello Alistair,

what exactly does not work?

Also Tapio just today wrote about some issue with the Tasker add-on here, maybe the same problem on your device?

And sample: something like this should work: tasks: { weather: { action: "start" } }


Perfect thanks, I had the syntax wrong. Working nicely, I saw Tapios post earlier today, all my Taskers tasks using both Falcos plugin and direct Tasker intents using actiontasks all working fine, on A12 and A13 using 4.15....


Perfect, glad to read it.

Hmm, maybe I should write some small samples under every feature in "Action tasks" ...


I think an example for every feature is a good idea.

Possibly even posting example tasks to Taskernet, which makes it easy to import.

Although most people use use tasker and locus , the writing code is fine, as youve got on the github page.

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