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Reverse direction

Angelo D. shared this problem 13 months ago

Locus pro 3.66.1

Samsung A53 5g

After the latest updates it is no possible to navigate a track with the opposite direction. reverse guidance also does not work.

Locus has become very slow, even just to  open the app it takes several minutes.

Is this just my problem or does someone have the same problem?

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we are sorry for the inconvenience. Please do the following:

change app directory to private over Settings > Backup & Filesystem > File system manager > Set the main directory > Private folder in internal storage
this should be quick and after that restart is needed
then move old data with Settings > Backup & Filesystem > App data transfer > Load app data > continue. It is necessary to open the old "Locus" directory and choose "Use this folder"
You may "Move" the whole directory or if you have enough space and want to be safe, simply "Copy" first and later delete the old Locus directory manually
After restart, all data should be restored
More info at

best regards

Michal Stupka, Locus team

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