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UTM grid doesn't work anymore with last update

Alessandro Farese shared this problem 16 months ago

With the last update I can't use UTM grid on map. Even if the unit is set on UTM. It always shows WGS coordinate grid even if the unit is set on UTM. I need kilometer square grid. That's one of the reson why I choose Locus Map.

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this feature was in the app rather by accident and you have an admiration of developers that you found that :-)

Anyway, this function is now being completely redesigned and should be out in the next (full) version.


Zdenek, Locus team


Oww, so I hope to see the function back again! It's much more useful to have UTM grid because it gives a useful idea of 1km grid, also I can compare with official paper maps that usually have UTM grid here in Italy.


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