Pin POIs even when zoomed out, i.e. freeze one or more selected POI category

Arpad Orfi shared this idea 15 months ago
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Pin specific POIs on screen, regardless of zoom level, i.e. let them displayed even when the user zooms out.

Just like how it works on

Make this feature available in both version: in Locus Map 4 as well as in Locus Map 3 Classic.

Thank you.

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On when you select a POI, then you click on its category under its name, the POI category becomes highlighted, and regardless of zoom level, the POIs in that category are visible on the map.

Very useful, for example, to check all the viewpoints of an area, without the user having to repeatedly pan and zoom in-out.

I'd like to see this functionality on mobile (in Locus Map 3 Classic, too) - highlighting POIs in one or even in several categories, i.e. freezing them regardless of zoom level.

Thank you.


Hi guys

this feature is currently in testing and will be published during the next few weeks as a part of the completely new search system.

For Locus Map 4 only.

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