Support for ebike with Shimano EP-8

Andreas Gessner shared this idea 14 months ago
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Hi, I would request a support for ebike with Shimano EP-8.

There is a BLE connection possible, but no useful data.

The same information as E-Tube Ride would be nice, like speed, cadence, battery, power etc.



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To do this, Shimano must release the data via an interface. As far as I know, Shimano only works with Garmin. You can ask Shimano.


For me, the battery level in % would be one of the most important values. Have already searched in forums, because I wanted to switch the profile via Tasker. But so far I could not find a hint so that you can access the data.


Hi all,

As I don't have a display on my ebike (ep801 motor) I needed to have at least some parameters of my ebike visible while using Locus Maps, so I found an app on the android play store - ST RIDE. It was quite good with the options it had, but (for me at least) the split screen option didn't work, so I contacted the developer and he quickly fixed it.

I use a split screen 1/3 to 2/3 and my 2 own schemes where I have 6 parameters and with having 4 cells I can just slide it up or down with my finger. This way I can always see the mode I'm in and the battery level (%). I can also use 6 cells at the same time and they are still perfectly readable. The screen is 6.67".

It's not bad in my opinion, so I'll just leave a heads up here :)

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