How to simulate movement to check if navigation commands are correct?

Peter Rippstein shared this question 11 months ago

Habe LocusMap 4.15.2 Gold. Bin zuhause in Bern CH. Plane, entwickle für die Ferien in 6 Monaten eine Fahrradtour rund um den Kaiserstuhl im Elsass, Ausgangsort Breisach am Rhein DE. Speichere diese Tour. Nun zur Frage: Möchte kontrollieren ob alle Abzweigungen wie geplant richtig gesetzt sind und ob die Abzweig-Richtungspfeile (und eventuell die Sprachausgabe zusätzlich = nicht Bedingung) auf der Route richtig angezeigt werden. Die Kontrolle sollte vom Startort kontrolliert und in gewollten Schritten bis zum Zielort abgefahren werden können. Distanzen sind da nicht wichtig. Es geht nur darum, dass ich sicher sein kann, dass alles richtig funktioniert, wenn ich dann in den Ferien vor Ort die Stecke abfahren will. Wie kann ich dies hier in Bern machen bzw. simulieren bzw. kontrollieren? Finde leider keine entsprechenden Hinweise. Oder suche ich am falschen Ort? Danke für die Hilfe!

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Hi Peter,

simulation of speed on the position of the cursor is possible but it is a bit advanced to set it up:

- go to /Locus/ directory in your phone and find "config.cfg" file there

- open the file in any text editor

- find "speed_for_moving_cursor_when_gps_off" parameter and change its value to e.g. 5.0


- save config.cfg and restart Locus

- start navigation along the route that you want to check

- move the cursor along the route, it'll simulate movement


Hello Michal, thanks for the tip. That's probably what I need. I am now looking for the path /Locus/ config.cfg on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Mod. SM-N976B. Report me if I found and changed. Have a nice day Peter 2023-03-28


Hi Peter.

most probably, the main directory of the app in your phone storage is in Android/data/


Hi Michael
Thanks to your help. Path for config.cfg found! There are 2 paths: a path for "Android Locus" and a path for "Android Locus Pro".
Legend: Locus Map Per Verse: 4.15.2 = LM || Android verse 12 = A12 ||

I take: Download in the Play Store "File Manager + F" then:
Main memory / Android / data / / files / Locus / config.cfg
2 comment lines: # set speed for moving cursor on map when GPS is off (in m/s) (default: 0.0)
and # - value <= 0 disable this feature
1 Command line: speed_for_mouving_cursor_when_gps_off=5.0
Comment 1: No difference between: and:
Comment 2: speed_for_mouving_cursor_when_gps_off=5.0 is already set to 5.0!

Next: a) Change the value 5.0 to 4.0 then save b) A12 restart c) Control: Value is 4.0 d) Start LM, call route planner, change screen, message: Access denied. Why? e) A12 restart, message: Access denied!
:-( Chaos? Answer again if it continues! Have a nice day 2023-03-29 H 12:10


Hi Peter,

- if you use Locus Map 4 (you mention it in the first post), please edit config.cfg in Main memory / Android / data / / files / Locus /

- if you use Locus map Pro, please edit config.cfg in Main memory / Android / data / / files / Locus /

Both apps run independently.

"call route planner, change screen, message: Access denied." - what "screen" are you changing? Could youplease send a screenshot of the error message? Thanks


Hello Michal Thanks for the info.
1) Difference ?: Locus Map 4 ? Locus Map Pro? Locus Map Classic ? I have: Locus Map Verse 4.15.2 Gold. Is this Locus Map Pro?
2) Will edit both paths as suggested
3) Screenshot of the error message attached. Say nothing to me.
4) I probably registered Locus Map with 2 different email addresses and different passwords. Once via and once via This is probably the error.
5) LoMaps maps hiking, biking works fine! "Access denied" only appears on the "Swiss Topo Schweiz" map. Swiss Topo is offered by Locus and works well so far.
6) Constructed and saved route in route planner on LoMap map. Accessed without GPS in the locus. Route could be followed with route arrow and junction. However, always from the center of the map (where I have my mobile phone in use) and not starting from a distant point, for example in Breisach in Alsace. I'll probably have to deactivate the GPS location on my cell phone as well.
7) Will keep looking. Come back :-)
8) I've been away for 3 days now.
Have a nice day 2023-03-23 H18:05


1) Locus Map Pro was renamed to Locus Map Classic sometime in the half of the previous year 2022. All its features remained the same. We wrote about its differences from Locus Map 4 here, here, or here. Locus Map 4 is another app with a different interface, web services and business model - basically, it's free, and if you want more features, you buy or subscribe to Premium Silver or Gold packages.

3) this is an error of BRouter. Please uninstall it and delete its directory and all its data. Then install it and download its data back.

4) that is not a problem but keep in mind that each Locus account is independent and associated with different purchases, subscriptions, downloads etc.

5) Swisstopo maps are all free in Locus - hiking, satellite, glider and winter. If any "access denied" announcement appeared, it was due to some malfunction on the Swisstopo side. Now it seems all maps work correctly.

6) if you want to simulate navigation along a route, turn off GPS access in Locus. It is not necessary to turn off thy system GPS. BUT it's also necessary to turn off automatic GPS-on after navigation start:

- activate "Expert settings"

- turn off "Enable GPS for guide" option


- Hi Michal :-) Is the following correct? Otherwise correct and possibly change the choice of words. Thanks.
- Question: How to simulate movement to check if the navigation commands are correct?
- My hardware: Mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Note10+5G Mod.Nr: SM-N976B Android Vers 12
- Proceed:
1) I make a route in the route planner as usual and save it under: "Test Breisach Burkheim" (gpx file attached). I use this at the end to check whether the question has been answered correctly.
2) In the Locus Map: Type on the 3 lines on the bottom left, then open "Settings".
3) Select: GPS and sensors, then General, then: Enable on application launch (Always). Here: Set GPS status to NEVER at startup. go back
4) Select: Expert settings. Navigation/guidance. Set Enable GPS for guide to disable. go back Exit locus map.
5) In the Play Store input: "File Manager + F", install it, open it. Look there (or in another file manager):
6) /main storage/Android/data/ Open the configuration file here: "config.cfg"
7) Search in it: speed for_moving_cursor_wehn_gps_off=5.0 This must be 5.0. If not change to 5.0, save, return, exit config.cfg. Installation customization is complete. restart phone.
8) Open Locus Map. Locus Map GPS is disabled, GPS icon is white.
9) In the file manager, load the file that I created at the beginning, name: "Test Breisach Burkheim" (gpx file attached) on map LV3 Baden-Wurttemberg. The route is displayed. GPS icon is white. Drive to the start with the center of the map. Follow the route. The junctions are displayed. These are also shown when I tap on the route, changing the color from blue to yellow and there are additional directional arrows.
10) On the way: First roundabout after the train station: direction symbol reports: 1st exit, is wrong! I change it to 2nd exit | At Münsterbergstrasse advert: "Turn around" is wrong! I change to "Turn left" | Right at Rheintorstrasse: "Turn left", but shortly afterwards at Schwanenstrasse it's missing: "Turn right". No message on a long straight stretch. Would like to have one at intersections: Straight ahead.
a) It turns out that "checking whether the navigation commands are correct" is necessary.
b) If a directional turn-off symbol is shown, then I can change it. Example: It says "Keep left", I change it to "Turn left".
b) Question: But how can I add a directional turn-off symbol to the route where there isn't one but I want one? For example I want to insert: "Straight ahead" Reason: I don't have a phone holder on the bike. The cell phone is in the pocket. I get the notifications on my Phonak hearing aids via Bluethoot. That is practical :-) ! That's why I would like to have more orientation messages such as a "straight ahead" at intersections
Conclusion: I can now display and control the navigation commands. I can't add navigation arrows yet. I still have to practice. Will soon be on the road again with the bike and apply what I've learned. Thanks for the help. If I have any questions I'll get back to you.
Final question: While browsing through many Locus documents, I found (see attachment) that in future the GPS simulation will be divided into: indoor training, NIMEA and track - simulation based on a pre-recorded route (trial version only). Bravo, hopefully this will come soon. There will be many Locus users who want this! Could I download and use this "trial version"? Thank you and best regards Peter 2023-04-04


3) this step is redundant. You obviously don't use Locus only for testing purposes. It's good to have GPS on from the start. For testing, just open the GPS screen and tap the skyplot to turn GPS access off.

9) one action is missing: start navigaiton along the route

10) - roundabout - I see that there is 2nd exit announced:


- turn around - it is correct because it is a part of the route you planned:


- "Schwanenstrasse it's missing: "Turn right"" - that's right, that is a mistake in the router database. It sometimes happens, but unfortunately, we don't have our own data that we could correct, we use only publicly accessible OSM data

- missing prompts on a straight street - the app informs about a long stretch without turns, that's correct:


As for your remarks:

a) this laborious process is not necessary at all. Just have a look on the map from time to time to check if the voice navigation is still right. Don't worry, if you get a wrong turn and get off the route, Locus will notify you

c) it is possible to put a voice navigation point anywhere, see >>. As for your usecase, I would recommend to get a phone holder so that you can see the map as well. The data that the app uses is not designed for non-visual use and as such is not 100% reliable.

"NMEA and track - simulation" - NMEA is available but visible only when a .nmea file is in Locus/cache/nmea directory. Track simulation is present only in beta testing versions, not a trial version.

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