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Incorrect elevation data in web planner tool

Georgi shared this problem 13 months ago

Dear Locus Map Team,

I started using Locus Map and I really like the premium features. I created a plan of a course i frequently run on in order to test the tool and I was surprised to find that the elevation data is vastly different from the actual one. I know this for a fact because I have run it many times. I exported a GPX file of the plan from Locus Map and imported it into Garmin and GPX Studio and the elevation data is correct so I can only assume that your map data is incorrect. I am attaching a GPX file of the course as well as a Garmin track in TCX format in which I've run the course in both directions. According to Locus Map, the course is 16.99km with 706m ascent and 671m descent while Garmin has recorded 32.95km with 565m ascent and 522m descent. Please ignore the missing last kilometer - it's only downhill so total distance is 34km and total descent is 565m. How come there is such vast discrepancy in the elevation data?

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we improved the algorhytm for elevation calculations recently.

For now it is implemented in the app only. If the results will be good durint the testing period, we'll update this feature on the web also.

Thank you for understanding.


Zdenek, Locus team

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