Added attachments disappear (when updating track)

Lopus shared this problem 12 months ago
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This might be similar to this solved issue.

I do the following to add attachments to tracks (which usually is only possible with waypoints afaik):
- create track
- make first (or any) point a "via-point"
- save track
- select via-point and add attachments such as photos/descriptions from books/travel guides to it
- save changes to waypoint

This works fine, but when I update the track, the attachment to the waypoint disappears.
When saving, I have to overwrite the existing track (didn't find another option).

Is it a bug or is there a workaround?

Thanks a lot and best

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Hi Vincent,

we are unable to simulate this bug. Could you please record us a video showing the procedure and resulting problem? You can use AZ Recorder for this purpose: .

Thank you in advance!

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