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import gpx fail

M. Attila shared this problem 12 months ago


I've tryed to import a gpx file to my Locus Map Classic (version 3.66.2), but it failed with the message: couldn't find points or tracks in the file (in Hungarian).

The exact same file is imported fine in the version 4.15.2.

I've tried with other gpx files also, with the same result.

Ild like to use the older version, so please help me with this issue.

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open Settings - Miscellaneous - Default directories - Set the main directory - 3 dot menu by the "Private folder in internal storage" - tap "Select". Then go to Settings - Miscellaneous - Default directories - Load app data > continue. It is necessary to open the original "sdcard/Locus" directory and choose "Use this folder".


Thanks, it solved the problem.

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