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Download Offline map

Adrien shared this question 15 months ago


I am unable to find the different settings explained on this page

Especially downloading a special zone.

If I select Download on Locus Map, I end up on the locus store and only have options of regions and coutries.

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LoMaps online are not meant to be downloaded as raster map, hence the forward to the Locus Store.

Other online maps do offer downloads, sometimes restricted to a couple of 1000 raster tiles per day.

What do you actually want to achive?

For which use case?


Thanks Michael for your reply.
Sorry, I am not trying to do anything particular at the moment, I am a new user and I am trying to assess the capabilities of the app.


Hi Adrien,

online LoMaps are basic Locus maps and they are displayed only when you are online. If you want to use them offline, download them from Locus Store by packages. The first three LoMap packages (by regions or countries) can be downloaded for free. More about LoMaps:

Other online maps that are available in the map manager can be downloaded by various customizable areas as you described (

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