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Ulrich Kiermayr shared this problem 14 months ago
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I have a problem with the automatic loading of LoMaps when crossing into a neighboring country:

My standards is Austria. The map of Hungary autoloads fine but not the ones of Garcia and Slovakia. If I manually load Slovakia, Garcia loads fine but not Austria or Hungary.

Looking at the maps, I saw that Austria and Hungary have a different date than Czechia and Slovakia. I assume, autoload only works for LoMaps of the same date - but I think that's a bug - or at least not how I'd expect it...

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I assume that LoMaps of Czech and Slovakia are in version 2023.03.23, am I right? The maps in version 2023.03.23 are the new generation - the so-called "LoMaps 4" (the new maps also have a slightly different icon in the map manager).

Unfortunately, It's not possible to use maps in different generation for automatic loading. Autoloading works for all LoMaps V4 or LoMaps V3 (all LoMaps published before March 2023 are in version "LoMaps V3")
At this moment only Czech and Slovakia LoMaps are available in the Locus Store in version 2023.03.23. When the rest of the countries will be published during this week.

The best option is to update all your LoMaps on the latest version (when published)

Thank you for understanding


Ahhhhhh. Ok, that explains it ;-) And when I know where to look, I now also see the different Icons.
Looking forward to the rest of the maps.

Just a suggestion for a future change: Leave the old version online as well as long as there are mixed situations. At the moment, the situation is quite annoying, when switching between these countrys (which we often do on our bike-tours)


I understand... the transition period can be a bit complicated, but the best way is to update all LoMaps (if automatic loading is vital)
Thanks, Petr

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