Problem with IGN maps (still not fixed)

Anthony shared this problem 11 months ago
Not a Problem

I have updated locus map (4.16) on android and I still can't use my IGN map subscription.

This time I get the error map (...) is not ready kA code: 12591 when I try to use the map.

I specify that even but downloaded maps (before the problem) do not work anymore.
I also specify that with another application (IGN Rando) all IGN maps work fine.

I was told that the problem would be solved with this new version but it still doesn't work :-(

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I have a cell phone that is a bit old but works very well.


Oh thank you very much... you are the best :-) indeed the last update works very well! I thought I was on the latest version but no, the update didn't work. It's done and it works! sorry for this fake ticket!

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