Unused directories on the SD card

Konrad Demmel shared this problem 12 months ago

For the directories 'backup/', 'maps/' and 'mapsVector/' I have the custom choice '/storage/3032-3232/Android/media/menion.android.locus.pro/Locus/', which is Locus's offered directory on the SD card, set for backups and all my cards.

Now the file explorer shows me the directory '/storage/3032-3232/Android/media/menion.android.locus.pro/' with the content of 3 elements. These are the directories 'Locus/' with 3 elements, 'maps/' and 'mapsVector/' with 0 elements each.

In the 'Locus/' directory, the 3 elements correspond to the 'backup/', 'maps/' and 'mapsVector/' directories.

The two empty directories 'maps/' and 'mapsVector/' under '/storage/3032-3232/Android/media/menion.android.locus.pro/' are not used and if I remove them Locus creates them again immediately.


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I do wonder about this too. It is rather confusing. So there is room for improvement anyway.


Why is nothing being done about this. Throwing out a few lines of code isn't really a big deal. Even after the second update nothing happened. Whenever I remove the two nonsensical folders, they are recreated on the next reboot.


Hello Konrad,

because I had not yet time to test and fix this issue. It is not critical, just a little obtrusive. Sorry.


Hello Konrad,

you've discovered an issue, not an intent, thanks! Directory "Locus" in the private "Android/data" directory exists only for historical reasons, but it is useless. So in the "Android/media", I did it properly and subdirectories are directly in the "menion.android..." directory. But there is an issue and custom sub-directories are still placed under "Locus" directory. Uff, complicated to explain, anyway:

  • already set "custom sub-directories" will work as expected
  • A new set "custom sub-directories" will anyway correctly store data directly in the "menion..." directory

Solution for you?

  • most easy, ignore these directories, it causes no problem at all
  • more complicated: with the next version, move custom directories to another place, like "Private folder on SD card" and in the second step, move them again to the "media" directory on SD card. After that, app will correctly place data directly into "Android/media/menion.../maps" etc.



Hello Menion!

No problem.

I already ignore these directories and don't need to move anything with the next version. My maps are on the SD card in "Android/media/menion.../maps" etc.

I only found the two maps directories above the "/menion" folder to be annoying.

Thank you for the completion!

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