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Offline vector map sticky themes

Bartek Zoladkowski shared this problem 13 months ago
Not a Problem

Hi, I just installed the latest update (one preparing for new LoMaps), then downloaded the new Poland LoMap and one thing I noticed is that the theme selected for a given vector map is not remembered for later use.

Am i loosing my mind here? I'm certain i was able to switch between Poland LoMap and OAM and they were rendered with internal hike/bike or Elevate respectively. I just don't recall having to go back and forth with switching themes each time i changed the map a day ago...


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unfortunately, this is not a bug, but a "feature".

The app remembers the active theme globally for all the maps that support them. Before the update, OAM was on Mapsforge V4+ and LoMaps on V3. In that case, there was one theme for all V4 maps and one for all V3. If you switch between maps, the theme switches too. Now, as the LoMaps were updated to V4 too, all the maps share the same theme.

If you think that it should work differently and there are more users interested in this, you can Add IDEA and collect some votes.
Our developers often take ideas into consideration.


Zdenek, Locus team



Yeah, I was thinking this could be the reason... Really weird that the theme is configured globally, while each vector map distribution can have, and obviously has, differences, that not every theme can handle.

But is see how that is not a real bug in this case, just a side-effect. I'm prep that IDEA.

Thanks! 👍

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