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Can I use LocusMap on an Android tablet, with a Garmin 1040 GPS connected as an external GPS provid

Yoannjap shared this question 14 months ago

Hello everyone,

I wish to buy an Android 11 Boox Tab Ultra C, because of its very visible 'big' colour e-ink screen on daylight.

My dreaming-solution would be to use this e-ink tablet with Locus Map app on, whereas my tablet is connected to the Garmin 1040 as an external GPS provider, and to see on the Garmin screen other infos (speed, altitude, etc.)

Plus, using Garmin as an external GPS would save e-ink tab battery power (only drained by displaying Locus Map navigation).

Is that possible ?

If it is, with what kind of cable and Garmin app?

Thanks for your help !


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I am not saying that it is impossible, but Locus is not tested on the e-ink devices at all.

We also don't know connection possibilities between that tablet and Garmin.

There are more questions than answers, so in this case - I am sorry, I can't help.

But if you do give it a try, we'd be happy to hear from you if you're successful.


Zdenek, Locus team

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