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Konrad Demmel shared this problem 11 months ago
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Today I wanted to test how and whether you can follow a created route, i.e. not let yourself be guided, but just follow the created route on the display. I had activated my auto preset for this.

It went quite well for a few kilometers, the auto zoom settings were also correct, the position display with arrow cursor was always on or just off the route in the lower third, so everything was fine. Then came a 7.3 km ride through a tunnel. After that, LM no longer adjusted to the current position.

The preset enabled "map alignment mode by orientation via GPS", "move map center", "center map" and "rotate map".

When driving through the tunnel, of course, the GPS signal was lost. But why was the map no longer aligned with the GPS signal, which was undoubtedly available again, after leaving the tunnel?

I'm working with LM Classic, version 3.64.1

My settings for GPS:

Beim Start der Anwendung aktivieren: always
Höhen-Manager: Höhenkorrektur verwenden: activated


Ausrichtungsmodus der Karte: Orientation via GPS
Tatsächliche Ausrichtung verwenden: activated
Kompatibilitätsmodus: not activated

Position gefunden: not activated
Position verloren: not activated

Deaktivieren, wenn Anwendung im Hintergrund ist: not activated
GPS während der Track-Aufzeichnung einschalten: activated
GPS während der Zielführung einschalten: activated

Bluetooth GPS: All sensors disconnected

Standortfilter: No filter
3D Skyplot Modus: not activated
Google-Dienst unterstützte Standortbestimmung: not activated
NMEA-Aufnahme: never
A-GPS zurücksetzen: ./.
GPS-Genauigkeit Kreis: not activated

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firstly, please update the app to the latest version.

Then check if you have Locus excluded from the battery optimization: or here:

And finally, why do you need that procedure? You can choose navigation along the route, but if you don't have navigation, guidance, or recording running, the probability, that some part of Locus, or GPS will be suspended by the system is quite high. If you just go along the path, there is no active process and GPS isn't preserved alive.


Zdenek, Locus team


Thank you for the hints.
The app is now in the latest version. Battery optimization for Locus was already ruled out.
Unfortunately I can't check at the moment whether the problem has now been fixed, the tunnel is too far away.
Your question as to why I only followed the route without navigation at all is understandable, it was a test for me.



ok, if the problem appears again, let me know.

I just only don't understand why you performed a test like this. But I am just curious, if it is useful somehow for you, then ok.

But the app isn't built for that usage so some error is to be expected.


Zdenek, Locus team

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