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automatic map switching when changing areas

Konrad Demmel shared this problem 12 months ago
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Since the update to version 3.67.0, the automatic map switching when changing areas no longer works for me.

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did you update any of the maps recently?

All LoMaps were updated to the Mapsforge V4 in the last version, so if you have some map new (V4) and some old (V3) they are using different engines and can't be used simultaneously. Both maps still can be displayed, but you have to manually switch between them.

If you update all the maps to the latest version, everything will work as previously.


Zdenek, Locus team


Thanks for the information.

All maps were from 04/02/2023 (all from OAM). I just overwrote the map of Sweden with the latest one from April 2nd, 2005 and since then the change has worked flawlessly again.

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