Dashboard not reflecting paused state of recording

Hawkeyexp shared this problem 11 months ago

I added record, pause and stop to my dashboard for easy access.

I noticed following behaviour:

if recording is started the record button is faded and only pause and stop are useable which is correct and shows clearly that recording is active.

For stop the same - if stop is pushed all buttons are faded excluding the record button to start a new recording - perfect.

But if a recording is active and you push pause there is an incossistency - pause and stop are still unfaded and available - this makes it unpossible to notice that the recording is paused. The behaviour should be changed to fade rec and stop during paused state to make the pasued state visible and force to unpause for a clean stop of recording.

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thanks for this feedback.

Your suggestion has an unwatend effect > you have to fistly unpause recording and then you may finally stop it.

I would rather change this to

- stopped: active: start, inactive: pause, stop

- recording: active: pause, stop, inactive: start

- recording, but paused: active: start, stop, inactive: pause

Does it make sense? If recording will be paused, "start" will be available for continue and "stop" for immediate termination.


This solution is fine for me. In case it's low effort to implemet one combined dashboard button for start and pause, (i.e. in state "not recording" it starts recording, in state "recoding" it toggles between pause and resume function) that would save display space and it would make functionality/consequence of the button pretty clear 🙂


sounds good :-)

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