Reduce distances which force a recalc of route

Hawkeyexp shared this idea 13 months ago
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In most cases the min limit to force a recalc of routes etc. is 25m/30m. It woulkd be nice if lower values are possible cause while biking in the woods 25m or 30m is a big distance and you passed multiple ways / trails :-)

I think 10m as min should be ok to prevent unwantend recalcs.

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the current limit was set in respect to "jumpy" GPS mainly in the woods etc. I'm really worried that allowing lower values may make more damage then the opposite. 10m is really on the edge. For now, I'll leave this idea open for voting. Maybe more users find this option useful and convince me :).

I know, everyone may change it, but good limits are important to prevent values that do not work for 99% of users. Thanks for understanding.


Hi, during some test on devices related to gps as part of my job the results shows that in all outdoor situations the accuracy of the devices was between 3,4 and 10m :-) Just for information :-)

Possible an unlock for reduced distance in expert settings ?


All too often, osm roads are also not drawn in with sufficient accuracy.

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