New Search with multiline input and messages for no suggestions/search results

druki shared this problem 13 months ago

With Locus 4.17 a new search has been implemented. Before, it was possible to input searchterms that include multiple lines in the online place search like:

Böttcher AG

Stadtrodaer Landstraße 1

07751 Jena-Zöllnitz

... and all lines were shown and regarded by the search. With the new version, only the first line (The name of the company) is shown as the search string.

I use to set Google as my favourite search engine for places (in the settings).

If I copy&paste my multiline search term, I don't get a preview. It says: "no search results". But if I anyway hit enter, I get the same result as in the previous Locus version (all the input of mumtiple lines is regarded).

The new behaviour is a bit confusing for users that are used to search a lot with copy&paste of adress data (which is including multiple line input).


1: display all input, even with multiple lines (linebreaks included)

2: distinguish between preview (sometimes called suggestions) and the real search (if you hit enter/the magnifying symbol on keyboard) and make the difference transparent to the user (Avoid telling "no sesrch results" if you want to tell "no suggestions". Maybe just rename it and additionally provide a short note "you can start the search anyway"). You need two different keys to have separate messages 😉

Please let me know if this can be improved.

Best regards


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thank you for the feedback.

You are right, multi-line should be processed in a better way. I passed this on to my colleagues and we take a look.

Have a nice weekend.

Zdenek, Locus team


About the second suggestion: meanwhile I am more tending to like to merge both functionalities (search suggestions and real search results) as the user probably doesn't want to bother to distinguish both usecases and prefers a more harmonized UX.

There are two ways:

1. let the user choice his usecase beforhand in a quick and easy way (what kind of search does he want to perform? Dependend on that, the coresponding variables can be selected/regarded).

2. just let the user do a simple and quick search and let him filter/decide about the results he wanted to have do afterwards (supported by additional information in the results to make the usecase/source transparent).

At the moment the usecases are a bit mixed up (decissions before, during and after the search are necessary).

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