Problem with multiple WMS servers for Poland

Slawomir Ginter shared this problem 12 months ago
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I am on 4.17 on Android 13.

I cannot use most of the WMS servers for Poland, problem maybe similar to

I am most interested in Krajowa Integracja Ewidencji Gruntów, but any with information about parcels would work :-)
I tried the ones from the resolved ticket I linked above, and they do not work either.

I have one that works: WMS_BDL from

The one that works:

- I click on it
- settings screen gets closed, I see the map with data
- when I return to settings it is blue

The one that does not:
- I click on it
- I get a page to select layers
- I select some, press back (no buttons available)
- I get back to WMS server list in settings
- I click on the server
- I see the same layers list with nothing selected.

Should I see some "Apply" button maybe?

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Well, I guess I answered myself in the last line ;-)

There is an Apply button, it just is located in top right corner of the screen, barely visible on gray background that I assumed is just grayed out background that is not part of the "dialog".

The WMS works for me as expected after all.

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