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Ton Zonneveld shared this problem 19 days ago
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I have a samsung A52.

when i am recording a track (car, bike or walk) and i switch of my phone the track recording stops. when i switch on again i get a straight line between my new position. (sometimes it staps hafeway the recording) I installed GPS locker and have GPS-on for track recording.

1 year or two years agone i never had this problem.

what do o wrong and hoe can i solve this problem.

the record function is why i bought locus maps,

regards Ton

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please get Locus Map permission for all-time access to the location and exclude Locus from all means of battery optimization so that the app can run in the background, see Also, switch OFF Google Services assisted location in Locus settings - GPS&sensors.


I tried all these optioneel. When i leave the phone on it records the track. When i switch of the phone recording stops. When i switch on again it is a straight line betreden the off and on switch. What is wrong. My old phone never had this problemen. I have now A52 samsung.

What is the solution?

Regards Ton



this problem is caused by your device system battery optimization and/or missing all-time location access permission.

Exclude Locus from all means of optimization so that the app can run in the background.

Instructions on how to do it are summed up here: or here:

Allow Locus Map all-time access to precise location so that it can run in the background.

Without these measures the app will be either killed by the system when running in the background or it'll lose GPS fix. Sorry about that but these are Android measures which we have to respect.

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