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Martine Goldenbeld shared this question 9 months ago

Hi there,

I run a motorcycle tour company and I have made many routes for that. I'm looking for an app like Wikiloc or All Trails that provides my clients with easy navigation on their phones, but that secures my routes from being used by other people/companies. With Wikiloc and All Trails, I can set my lists (different tours) private, but people can still use and download all my routes.

Would Locus Map be able to actually secure my routes?

Kind regards,

Martine Goldenbeld

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unfortunately, there is no special function for your use case.

You can only create routes, export them as GPXs and then send them to anyone. But you have no guarantee that someone won't pass it on.

We have plans to build a feature like you have mentioned, but there is no ETA.


Zdenek, Locus team


Even if you implement a closed system, not allowing any GPX download, you are not safe.

Mass downloads you can prevent, but once someone follows your route in your walled app and uses another app to track, you lose.

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