Much more precise GPS position

Olaf Hildebrand shared this idea 11 days ago
Gathering feedback


I want to figure out, if there is any interest in the community to get much more precise GPS positioning results and also altitude results compared to the usage of just mobile phone internal receiver.

I developed an external GPS module which provides this in combination with Locus.

Please share your interest to see, if further activity would make sense.



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Hi Olaf,

cool, we love DYI stuff! Even after reading through your other thread on our DE forum, I am confident to say that there are always someone who need something better, bigger or more precise than what is currently available. ;) Especially of our community, where you never know all use-cases in which our Locus Map or Locus GIS are being used. But I cannot estimate any demand.

We are aware of several HW solutions which allows users more precise position in our app, but for the price of course. In case of Locus GIS, we have partners which sells it in some regions in bundle with professional device with higher precision GNSS. As for the Locus Map, we even thinking about bringing HW section to our Locus Store in some future, where these "gadgets" which extends capability of Locus Map might be available. You are not the first from our community to build some HW solution to be used as extension to Locus Map.

In case you would come up with solution which is reliable and is great value compared to the market, let us for sure know.


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