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Will C shared this idea 11 months ago

As part of the poi filtering for my own poi's. Would it be able to fade (and stack) poi's by time. Eg 50% opacity over a time period then maybe 75% for the previous period. Scenario; I record ecological findings on an on going basis. I use my own icons and it would be great if I could look at all the poi's on the map with the older ones fading away based on time. What do you think?

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Hello Will,

this is an interesting idea, but it is really very specific for your use case.

What you need may be done with some work. You already may filter points based on the "Creation date", so simply filter some older points, select them all and in the bottom right tools menu choose "Change icon" and change icon for all selected points at once. With this, you may quite simply modify the icon for all older points.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if something is not clear enough.


Thank you for considering that.

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