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Sometimes Points do not work

vsespb shared this problem 12 months ago

I experience the following problem: sometimes locus enters the state when I cannot tap on my Points. I.e. i tap on it and nothing happens, just like if it does not exists. Other POI on map works fine.
Restarting locus does not necessary help.
What helped last time is turning on and off map Roation (compas icon after taping map centering)
Happens on two devices: Xiaomi MI 10T Pro and Oukitel WP20 Pro
Happends last several months

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I am sorry, but we are unable to simulate this issue (even if my colleague has the same phone as you).

We have no similar feedback reported.

Please, if you will find any procedure on how to reproduce this bug, let me know.

For now, I cannot help, but we will monitor it.

Thank you.

Zdenek, Locus team

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