Garmin Varia - quick on/off of sounds/alarms

Ulrich Kiermayr shared this idea 8 days ago


I like the Garmin radar Integration. One thing I noticed on tour:

While being on a road, the radar alarms are really helpful. While being on a bike-path parallel to a road they are rather pointless, because it alerts cats on the road - Which is not relevant fรผr me.

Since it is not possible to decide the two cases automatically, I suggest a way to turn the alerts on and off via a single button that is easily reachable.

(For me a dashboard field would be best, but anything easier than going through several submenus is ok)

Greetings, Ulrich

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Hello Ulrich,

it should be easily possible to place "Sensors manager" shortcut to the side functions panel. It is then just three taps to disable the sensor and return back to the map. Hope this helps.



In principle yes (which is what I am doing now), but this has 2 drawbacks:

1. In have a lot of sensors and varia is the last one - so scrolling down is required. And 3 clicks and a scroll are still a lot to Klick and hit while riding (today more than 10 times on our tour in Hungary, where there are a lot of stitches between bike path and road)

2. This way I can only turn off the radar entirely and not only silence it, restraining the graphical information.

Greetings, Ulrich


Thanks for the small "push" Ulrich. Thanks to this, I've made some improvements I missed as well.


- visible battery level directly on the panel

- visible "mute" state

Both are visible on the screenshot. Currently highlighted part of the panel is clickable and it toggles mute on/off. I need to test it in the field if this smaller area will be sufficient ... we will see.



Great ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

I am on tour for one more week. So i can test if it helps

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