Map update fails with storage error

Iain Marshall shared this problem 11 months ago

I have only 16Gb of internal storage on my Samsung A320 so all Locus folders are located on my SD card. But I have freed up as much internal storage as I can so have 2Gb free which is usually adequate.

I have tried to update downloaded LoMaps of North and South France, which are about 2.5 Gb each. But it fails and I get a warning from system saying internal storage is full. I assume this is because the map is downloaded to main storage and then transferred to SD card.

When I first downloaded these maps in 2022 I didn't have a problem although it is almost certain I had less free storage.

I'm wondering whether it tries to use main storage when it is an update, but goes straight to SD card if it is a new download? I don't want to remove the existing download in case I then can't download a new one.

Using v 4.17.1

How can I update the maps?

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please, send me screenshots from these screens.

"Menu > About the app/Helpdesk > App Info"
"Menu > Settings > Backup & Filesystem > File system manager > Set custom sub-directories"

Thank you.

Zdenek, Locus team


They are here. I now see there is a supplemantary directory in App Info, not changeable in custom sub-directories

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