Contour lines not showing up on purchased LoMap (classic/pro)

Jeff Ballard shared this problem 11 months ago

Hello, I'm running an admittedly very out of date locus map pro version 3.58.1. I recently downloaded the Georgia LoMap and don't see any contour lines. I tried turning off hill shading but no luck. I also don't see any themes showing up which is odd. Haven't had this problem before and I'm hoping I'm just missing a setting somewhere. I tried deleting and redownloading with no luck. I prefer not to update for reasons ;)

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all the maps were updated to the Mapsforge V4 in the Locus store. If you don't have a version supporting that, it can't be displayed correctly. It even shouldn't be downloadable. So the problem is more about Locus letting you download that map.

Anyway, contour lines are part of the themes, if you don't see the LoMap themes, you can't display them correctly. And LoMap themes are built for Mapsforge V4.

I am sorry, but If you refusing update to the latest version, it is impossible to solve this issue. I can only offer you a refund for the map.

Zdenek, Locus team

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