Hide online search distance marker when map screen is cleared

Andrew Heard shared this problem 11 months ago

the distance to (cleared) searched point should not be displayed once the point is cleared from the map

steps to reproduce:

  1. perform online search for any POI
  2. confirm POI displayed on map
  3. clear POI by long-tap on track icon (below)
  4. pan (drag) map so that the (now cleared) POI is moved off the map
  5. note (bug) that the distance/ direction marker to the POI is still displayed to non-existent POI


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thank you for your feedback.
We have tested the issue, but we have concluded that clearing screen content during an active search is not a very common use-case.

In other situations, the screen is cleared correctly.
Therefore, we have logged the bug, but it has little priority at the moment.

Have a nice day.

Zdenek, Locus team

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