Tracks & Routes > Hide Tracks - should not show Cancel button if no tracks to hide

Andrew Heard shared this problem 10 months ago

I have no tracks enabled - confirmed (as below) by Map-screen content - My tracks: 0 visible:


However a long-tap on the Tracks & Routes button > Hide Tracks menu item - this displays a track cancel/ hide button at the top of screen (as below):


  • shouldn't the Hide Tracks button be disabled if there no tracks to hide?
  • and not withstanding that, should a Hide/ Cancel button be displayed if there are no tracks to hide?
  • and possible suggestion - overlay the map with any Hide/ Cancel button rather than have a whole new top panel line?

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Hi Andrew,

icon on the map screen indicates that all currently visible tracks, but! also all-new tracks that you enable in the "My tracks" screen, simply won't be visible. So this icon has to be visible permanently on the screen I believe.

Design - this is a very old implementation and the initial idea was to have a full-width panel with various stats and infos. It is not used too much and I of course agree, it may be polished.


OK thanks Menion. Understood.

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