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Backup manager doesnt backup or restore preset Map theme for V4+

Andrew Heard shared this problem 12 months ago

to reproduce:

  1. on device 1 - Presets > select any existing > Edit > Map themes (V4+) - note the selected theme. Suggest selecting a non-LM theme
  2. Backup manager
  3. Manual backup
  5. Presets:checked
  6. BACK
  8. move the ZIP file from device 1 to device 2
  9. on device 2 - Backup manager
  10. Restore from backup
  11. select the ZIP file
  12. ensure checked:Presets
  14. Presets > select same preset as on device 1 > Edit > Map themes (V4+) - in my testing this may be blank, or often "Hike & bike" rather than the original theme on device 1

There may be other obscure preset settings that are not being backed up or restored too, but this is the only one I've noticed.

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Hi Andrew,

I managed to reproduce this issue when the Elevate theme is not installed on the device 2. In such a case, the restored preset of the theme remains empty. When the Elevate is installed, the backup restores the preset correctly.


Hi Michal - perfect. Yes, confirmed here too. My backup on device 1 had an "OSM Map" theme, but device 2 did not have this theme, and I did not include map themes in the backup ZIP. So quite interesting issue - now that a manual backup can select individual but sometimes dependent content - in this case "Map themes" is dependent on "Presets".

Clearly the restore has silently ignored the preset map theme (although in testing sometimes was left unassigned, and others set to LM Hike & Bike), but (in the least code change case) it could be improved by displaying a warning message that the named map theme(s) were not found?


I see the topic is marked as Not a Problem. I think my suggestion deserves consideration...

  • "during restore of a backup ZIP, displaying a warning message for any map theme(s) that are not found for any restored presets"

AND contrary to what I previously said, the map theme ZIP does exist on the 2nd device, so there is still the original unresolved issue. Sorry for the confusion.. Could it be related to the ZIP file name? In this specific instance "20210225-KC2-AJH-OS".


Andrew, even after extensive testing on multiple devices we are not able to simulate the issue - when the theme is stored on the second device, the preset loads it correctly. The only "problem" is the missing warning when there is no linked theme on the second device. This will be fixed.


Thanks Michal. I'm not sure what to suggest for further testing sorry.

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