Guidance with TTS hickups via bluetooth to audio device

Geert De Paep shared this problem 9 months ago
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Recently I bought a Shockz openrun pro (great device for outdoor!). I like to use it during walking. I prepare a gpx and enable guidance with TTS ( text to speech). Locus will tell me when to turn left or right. However the problem is that the Bluetooth connection seems to require a fraction of time to establish. And the messages are very short (e.g in 10 meters turn left). The problem is that i hear then: turn left. So some parts of the first words are missing as android or bluetooth are still setting up or stabilizing the connection. I sometimes miss guidance instructions.

Would there be an option to have the messages longer, or having them prefixed with a beep sound (or beep pattern)? It would give the device time to setup the connection and then the important part (the navigation instructions) would be spoken correctly.

A beep prefix may as well be a nice service to make guidance more clear: Beep,beep,beep, 10 meters turn left.


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as this is a device-specific issue, we have no way how to fix it, and adding some beeps before is quite a "brute-force" solution from our sight.

For explanation: Your device should wait for a valid connection before it plays the message. So either the phone isn't waiting for a connection to be made, or the handset is pretending to be receiving when it isn't.

If you think that beeps before the message is something that a lot of users want, you can Add IDEA and collect some votes.

Our developers often take ideas into consideration.


Zdenek, Locus team

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