Add Track label Show on map setting - On hover

Andrew Heard shared this idea 10 months ago

There is an On Hover setting for point labels: Settings > Points & tracks > Point label > Show on map: On hover.


But there is no equivalent for tracks. Labels are hidden, simple (always display) or complex (always display). A 4th option "On hover" would be consistent with points, and more useful when there are multiple tracks on the map.


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Hello Andrew,

I've got your point with "identical system to points", but I do not consider situations as identical. Mainly because

  • there are usually a lot more points than tracks
  • detecting clicking on the track is a lot more complicated than a simple point

Mainly because of the second point, which may cause a big slow-down in the map scroll performance, I have to decline this idea. Thanks for understanding.


Ahh - understood. Always choose performance. I generally try to just have 1 track visible for that reason too.

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