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Routing data update interval

Lopus shared this question 12 months ago

Dear all,

When I am planning a trip on my phone with the LoRouter, I check the surface type of the route, especially when planning a cycling trip.

If there is a part of the road with unknown surface which I know the surface of (local knowledge or satellite image), I edit the way in Openstreetmap.

When I delete the respective routing data file and download it again, Locus still does show an unknown surface for that way. The same happens when I empty the cache after deleting the routing data.

Is that a Locus internal/backend issue? Could you tell me how and how often the data is compiled? Would be great to learn more so I can adjust my OSM update routine accordingly.



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Hello Vincent, sorry for late reply. Routing tiles are produced on 5, 10, 18, 27th each month. Distribution to online routing is scheduled next morning. Offline routing - depends on your setting, or as you say, you do it manually. These updates are not instant, but surfaces should appear after mentioned dates. If not, let us know please because it is a bug. Radim.


Thanks a lot!

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