Via point reverts to shaping point in Route Planner

Ulrich Kiermayr shared this problem 9 months ago
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I'm planning a route in the route planner with multiple shaping and via points. When I move a via point in the planner, the point reverts to a shaping point.

This is annoying, because I then have to manually convert it back to a via point.

What I expect is: the type should not change when moving a point

Greetings Ulrich

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I am sorry for the late reply.

This is correct behavior. The via point is a fixed position in the route, if you move it, the fixation is canceled.

The main reason is, that via points are usually some POIs, and if you move out of the POI it doesn't make sense to continue to hold the position.

Anyway, we discuss it a little with the developers, and they consider whether it makes sense to change it for certain situations.


Zdenek, Locus team


Hmmm. For me it's almost never a POI. Much more often it is a town, spot or something alike.

And when I plan my track, I often move them around - for example to optimize the route for one way streets or closed roads or whatever. So any tiny move changes the type, which is not what I expect.

In general I find it confusing to change something back which I intentionally set to be a via point. I don't think it is a good idea to anticipate to much of what might make sense for a user 😉



I didn't say, that it doesn't make sense at all, I said it doesn't make sense in the way the app works with it. :-)

If you think that there are more users interested in this, you can Add IDEA and collect some votes.
Our developers often take ideas into consideration.

The current problem is, that the app uses via points as fixed positions, in this case, they can't be moved.

But we'll take a look at it.

Zdenek, Locus team

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