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Gpx navigation track imports from external sources.

In gpx navigation tracks find trkpt sym pass_place and type Shaping or type Via.
Locus handles type Shaping as silent Viapoint and type Via as announced Viapoint.
After import of a navtrack in the planner all Via are shown with a serial number.
Both Via variants are usefully used at navigation with autorecalculation to point.

The TTS announcement is by the name text tag in the Via point.
This name text can usually freely, or not, be edited by the user.
Some routers automatically attach a name text some do not.

Without a name text no TTS announcement is generated.

Proposal NEW.

Without name text present automatically announce as Viapoint 1, Viapoint 2 etc.
The serial is the same one as indicated after an import in the Locus route planner.
Viapoints by trkpt type shaping or Locus silent Viapoints remain muted of course.

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Hello Willy,

good observation. I'll just simplify it a little and in case, the name will be missing, the app will use a simple "Via-point", so without the numbering.



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