Confirm "turn now" by morse tone.

0709 shared this idea 9 months ago
Gathering feedback

In the RouteYou app, in addition to TTS instructions almost right on the turn, there is a tone alert.

Hence this idea for Locus.

Locus announces the turn by TTS and just before the turn (not right on it) the extra Morse tone.
Locus should announce (if set) "Two commands at once" than ONLY by the TTS.

Set up by the config.cfg file. In Locus 4, config.cfg can best be controlled by a menu.
- navigation_announcements_times=15|35|300 (TTS|TTS|TTS)
- navigation_announcements_times=15 (TTS)
- navigation_announcements_times=8:15 (MORSE:TTS)
- navigation_announcements_times=8:15|35 (MORSE:TTS|TTS)
- navigation_announcements_times=15:(MORSE)

Condition. Provided Voice Morse is installed.

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