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Donald Newlands shared this problem 8 months ago

I was trying to separate some of my different kinds of tracks and head no problem creating a new folder from the track menu and assigning my track to it but I had a few problems with how the track style is inherited from the folder:

1) first it was hard to find the folder properties from the track. They're really ought to be a link from the track properties to the folder properties especially if you're going to have a switch that restricts the track appearance to the folder settings.

2) I changed the track appearance in the folder settings after some searching around, but the tracks that I put in the folder did not change appearance even though they are set to inherit appearance from folder properties.

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I made a quick test and it seems that it works properly.

Only the thumbnail stays with the old colors (you can update it by long-press).

If the route style doesn't change when you move the route, can you please describe your exact procedure so we can reproduce this issue?

Thank you.

Zdenek, Locus team


I think it also makes a difference whether you copy or move. that's how it used to be.


If you want to use all titles the folder style. Go to the wrench, select all or some, go to the up arrow, select Change Style, folder Style.
Now you will see all of them in the Style folder. But they still have their old style. If you copy one, it will have the old style. But this is intentional.
About the 3 point menu you can clone the folder Style, then they have the style of the folder when copying.


Thanks - I tried it again and the tracks seem to inherit folder properties as expected.
Working with folders still seems a little rough. I'm not sure why move/copy are buried under the wrench. Also, when I press "folder" under track details, I would expect to see the folder tree and tools for changing the track folder.

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