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Paul Lammers shared this problem 7 months ago
Not a Problem

Hi, i'm using Locus maps classic 3.86.2 on Android 13. I've downlaoded Lomaps LV4 France south. It is in the same folder as my other maps.

Automtic map loading is activated.

If a select one of my other maps, I can see all surrounding maps except France south. If I select Fr.sth it seems that the world ends right there. I only see France south.

I assume it's not a big problem in the field, but it is annoying when planning routes in advance. Besides tthat the roads show no roadnumbers as they do in other maps.

I've deleted France sth, downloaded again. Same problem.

Hope you can help me fixing it.



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all LoMaps were recently updated to Mapsforge V4 engine and even the Locus can handle both (V3 and V4) versions, they can't be active at the same time. If you update all maps to the latest, the problem will disappear.

Zdenek, Locus team

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