Locus Map Web Planner, display of LoPoints while planning

Joern shared this idea 10 months ago

Dear Locus Team,

I’m using Locus Map now since a few years and really appreciate your work. I like most the user interface on my Android and the design of the LoMaps. Cloud Sync is also a very cool and useful function.

I use Locus for hiking and biking (MTB and Tour).

This summer I tried to plan my complete bike trip (appr. 1200 km) with Locus Web. I used the LoPoints while searching for nearby camp sites.

Now I found one issue, which is a bit challenging. Most LoPoints disappear with a certain scale of the map (i.e. with more than 500 mtr. scale, the symbol for camp sites disappear).

I understand why it is so (because of display quality and speed). But I think it could be very helpful if certain LoPoints (which can be selected by the user) will be displayed also with higher scales.

In my cases it could make it much easier to find camp sites in the environment of my next daily destination. When planning the route I mostly work with scales around 2 km.

Is it possible to implement this function in the future?

The same for the app on my Android.

Otherwise: Keep on the way you do the last years. I expect every update with excitement 😊

Best regards from north of Germany (Schleswig-Holstein)

Jörn Kruse

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I've changed this into the idea and we'll see how many users consider it a "must-have".

Have a nice day.

Zdenek, Locus team


Hello Joerm,

one suggestion you may try: in the search box, choose a "Category". This should highlight selected category on the map until you manually disable it.



Hello Menion,

thanks for your idea, sometimes the solution is so easy... :)

This is the function I'm looking for. Now it's easy to look for campgrounds independent of the map scale...

Keep on and best regards!


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