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Hawkeyexp shared this idea 10 months ago
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During usage of locus maps i noticed some behaviours which would be nice to adjust by a default setting which is used on app startup:

1) Last recorded track - tracks are always shown until i disable the visibility in track list. Would be great to have a setting to set all tracks to hidden by default during startup for example.

2) Map rotation - by default locus keeps last map rotation settings - if fixed to north it launches with fixed to north - autorotation the same. But it would be nice to have a default setting for app startup to set fixed north or rotation. After a navigation it would be nice to start again with fixed north for a better route planing for example - it is a bit frustrating to always have to set fixed north manually for a more easy creating of new routes in the route planer.

3) Let's save space on gui - on the menu there is a big banner on bottom showing silver gold etc. - how about to remove it and place the info behind the user account line on top of the menu ?

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Hello Hawkeyexp

interesting ideas, thanks

  1. the new version of Locus Map brings a new improved side Map-screen content panel. You may notice, there is a new button (row) that allows to clear from the map currently visible points/tracks. Hope this helps here. Btw, I also think about the option to automatically hide recorded tracks after save ...
  2. Are you using "Presets"? You may define a preset that enables map rotation and that is activated/deactivated together with the navigation.
  3. I believe that the bottom panel does not take any space, because without this bar, noting changes. Right, the bottom panel slides up a few pixels less. But nothing that affects usability I believe. The top panel also contains icon with unread messages (if such message exists).


Hi Menion,

thx for your feedback.

1) yes i noticed and it is a temp solution but not perfect. Auto hide after save would be much better - if it is adjustable if auto hide yes or no it would be perfect for all users.

2) Yes im working with presets and my preset enables auto rotation but it is NOT disabled after navigation has stopped - i tried it with latest version after your hint - possible a bug ?

3) Ok - i was only thinking about it's benefit and my result was not needed :-) Just a cosmetic thing :-)


1) oki, I`ll try to look at it.

2) ah damn. Issue is already in my list. It is not so easy to solve as it may look.

Will let you know here about updates in both points above.


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