Live tracking only sharing position when I use the phone

Adrien shared this problem 9 months ago
Not a Problem

Hi !

I use Locus Gold and created a family group for live tracking during my physical activities.
However, It seems Locus only send my new position when I open my phone. So I was wondering is it possible to just share my location without recording the activity or being in navigation mode ? Because navigation works fine so I don't know why it stops pulling my position.

I have allowed every permission needed, when I press the on/off button I directly have the locus map, so it does have administrative rights to block the locking. I checked there is no battery optimization either.

Is this a normal behavior ?

I run Android 10 with Locus 4.18.1


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Of course just after posting this I noticed that GPS is only allowed "When app is in use". Will do a test with this disabled

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