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Christian D. shared this problem 11 months ago
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I use two kinds of offline maps:

  • LoMaps with internal Locus themes and
  • OpenAndroMaps with external theme Elevate.

In the old LocusMap version (before updated to the light blue design), the theme switched automatically when changing the offline map.

When I switch now to OpenAndroMaps in the new LocusMap version, the internal Locus theme remains set and I have to switch external theme Elevate manually and vice versa.

Is there a way to configure an automatic theme switch?

Many thanks


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this is not a bug, this is a feature.

Previously, the LoMaps were on the MapsForge V3 version. Now they are all updated to V4.

The themes are always designed for the exact version (must be), so previously LoMaps used V3 themes and other maps V4 themes. There was no automatic switch, only the last used theme was applicated. Now, as all maps are on the same engine, is still the last selected theme used.

If you need to switch a map with a specific theme for e.g. biking, you can define what map and what theme may be used in the Preset:


Zdenek, Locus team

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