Issue "StoreFragmentItemDetail, code: 40205"

Yury Kocherov shared this problem 3 months ago
Not a Problem

Hi, Some time ago I removed Locus from my android phone, but recently I installed it again. I successfully loaded previously buyed maps, then I tried to update one. But it causes the error: "StoreFragmentItemDetail, code: 40205".
The map: "Tula Oblast - LoMaps". It costs 10L, and I have 69L. So what is the problem?
Thanks in advance, Yury

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Hi Yury,

you are probably trying to upload the map with a Locus version that is no longer supported for the operation. Please update your app to the latest version.


Hi Michal,

OMG.. I am really stupid... you are right, it helped me. Thank you very much!

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