Wording of message options on map download problem

Georg D shared this problem 8 months ago

Dear team,

I did download a map from Locus store and the slow / instable internet connection combined with insufficient patience on my side caused the message "are you sure you want to abort the download and keep an unfisihed map?" to appear:


1) If the box causes line breaks where needed, the hard line break before "and" is probably causing odd looks on some devices 😉

2) I was unsure what option will trigger which action. Is "cancel" cancelling the download (=causing the download to be aborted) or is it cancelling the abortion (=causing the download to finish)? Or the other way around, is "finish" finishing the abortion (the word is red, after all!) or the download?

Idea 1: Rename "cancel" to "abort" (so key words from message reflects in options) or rename "finish" to "finish download" / XOR "cancel" to "cancel download" (so name verb and object which makes the consequence of one option clear, the other can be guessed then)

Idea 2: re-color "finish" to green and "cancel" to red.

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Hello Georg,

thanks! I'll improve this to the next app version.

1) accidental hard brake in the text, weird > fixed

2) improved to "Continue" and "Abort" buttons.

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