Support for IGPSport SR30 radar

Bartosz shared this idea 10 months ago
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After the successful introduction of Garmin radar support, I wanted to connect my IGPSport SR30 radar. Until now, sensor support in Locus map (for example, speed, cadence, and others) has been universal, but radar support is not yet universal and this radar does not work with Locus map. IGPSport radar has in my opinion very good technical parameters, if not better than Garmin (battery life). I really hope to make compatibility for my radar and others.

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I've changed this topic into an IDEA.

The main problem is, that the radars don't work on any standardized protocol and we need to implement them one by one.
In your case, we have no experience with IGPSport devices and we will probably have to contact them directly and ask for specifications, API access, and ideally a device for testing. This is quite time-consuming and we can't do that for all the devices on the market right now, so if there are any other users with the same request, we take a look.


Zdenek, Locus team

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